Using Travertine Tiling to Create a Naturally Rustic Décor

Ideas for decorating your interior

As an increasing amount of homeowners looking to create a traditional, rustic décor in their home, the need for similarly styled flooring is becoming essential. After all, although the flooring may seem like an everyday necessity around the home, it also plays a pivotal role in the style created once renovations are completed.

Whether we like it or not, investing in high-quality flooring is crucial. Not only does it need to be stylish and in line with the décor of the rest of the location it is installed in, it also needs to be durable and resilient to the inevitable daily wear and tear.

A Touch of Tradition

A traditionally styled home creates a truly luxurious and classic appearance, whilst also projecting touches of class. With the right combination of fittings, colours, and flooring, we can quickly create an unforgettable space that is both stylish and comfortable. For this reason, travertine tiling provides the perfect solution for both flooring and a durable wall surface.

The elegant and completely unique rustic surface and natural design creates a luxurious feeling in every size décor, with obvious touches of Roman tradition due to travertine enthralling history and use in some of the finest historical palaces.

Strength & Durability

It’s not only the elegant appearance that makes travertine such a popular option in a variety of area around the home, it’s impeccable strength and durability make it a wise choice for areas that receive the most foot traffic. Bathrooms and kitchens, in particular, are areas that benefit from the endurance that travertine offer.

Its natural properties ensure that travertine is incredibly resilient to the usual everyday wear and tear that occurs with heavy usage. It’s tough surface also makes cleaning and maintenance a pain-free process, allowing a simple sweep and mop routine to bring your travertine back to its original beauty.


Ranging greatly in shapes, styles, and finishes, travertine availability is certainly one of its strong points. Suitable for a range of decors, its flexibility in terms of finish and color variations make it a popular flooring and wall surface choice around the home. Whether you’re looking for a natural walnut finish, or perhaps luxurious silver flooring, travertine really does have something for every tiled flooring requirement.

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