Palm Tree Bedding

The bedroom is a great place to incorporate Palm tree decor especially if you want  to make just one room into a “tropical oasis”. The bedroom is  a good private place to start if you want experiment with your decor ideas. Palm tree decor is also very popular for casino decorating

Once again there is no shortage of decor for the bedroom. Comforters, sheets, bed skirts, pillow cases and pillows are available as well as a huge variety of other tropical motifs. There are even futon cover sets.

Even though the bed is the most important thing in the bedroom don’t let your imagination stop there. There is an incredible variety of Palm tree fabric available for curtains as well as upholstery fabric for your chairs.

What about the floor?  One can find beautiful rugs with the Palm Tree motif  in a variety of tasteful colours and designs.They are available  in numerous sizes making it  easy to find the perfect one for any size bedroom.

All of your new bedroom decor can be easily complemented with floor and table lamps and if you really want to splash out you can even buy a palm tree armoire.

Palm Tree, Tropical and Nautical Kids Bedding

As you can imagine there is a huge range of bedding and bedroom ideas for children. Bedding and bedroom decor is available in a variety of fun and exciting colours and motifs. Whether you are decorating a bedroom for a toddler, a very small child, a young girl or boy or a teenager you will find something to please practically every taste. There are a variety of products available with Hawaiian flower motifs, palm tree decorations, surfing and surfer motifs as well as other nautical, beach and even pirate designs. You are not restricted to just bedding, there are numerous wall decal designs, curtains, lamps, nightlights and rugs which you can use to give your child a bedroom which will be the envy of their friends.

Interior Design Ideas

I created this article about decorating to help my readers with creative ideas.

How to dress your windows

Window dressing is an important part of decorating your room; it can not only change the light, feeling and mood of a room but is necessary for light control and privacy. There are so many choices out there that it can be confusing.

Whether it is shutters, curtains or blinds, there is something for everyone so here are a few tips to help you choose the right ones for you. Curtains or blinds can make a room feel cozy and warm if chosen right, but bold colors and tie them into a room by using accent cushions and accessories. If curtains or blinds are your preferred choice do not scrimp on price because you will be able to tell, buy long curtains that sit on the floor for that extra cozy feeling.

Shutters are can be the more expensive choice but can be paramount in hiding an uninspiring view without blocking the light, shutters can come in many styles and colors, when choosing your shutters look at your property, you want some that will compliment the property and set it apart but be careful don’t get carried away and go too bold. The best thing to do is take a photo of your home with you when buying.

Updating your bathroom on a budget

The bathroom is normally the smallest room in the home but it can also be the hardest to design due to the size. So why not think white, you already have the white toilet, bath and sink. A great money saving tip is to add to that white. This design is all low cost but will look just as expensive as a showroom bathroom in any home. Purchase small white brick tiles, place them on the bottom half of your wall and paint the top half any soft pale color of your
choosing, hang a white mirror above the sink.

You could choose a mirrored cabinet instead to give you a little more storage in the room. Adding accessories in the pale wall color offsets the white for maximum impact. Place a bunch of real flowers on an available surface to bring a fresh feeling to the room. The flooring is up to you, for me it would be pure white flooring but everyone has different tastes.

How to transform your stairs

Staircases can be one of the hardest things in a home to get just right so why not try something different; here are just a few weird and wonderful ideas to completely revamp a staircase. Murals are normally put on the walls but why not try the staircase murals that actually go on each step to create a fantastic illusion, you can choose from a number of different designs, they may not be cheap but check them out online and you will see what I meanthey make a huge impact statement instantly.

If you have a wooden staircase that looks a little bare and boring try adding ceramic tiles to the front lip of the stairs, the good thing about this design is that you can have any color and any pattern you want. If you have the extra cash why not try a faux carpet, these are painted on and look great and you chose the design so you will be the only one with this staircase however If you are a little braver then why not go all white, this really does look great but your staircase will become a lot harder to clean but the choice is yours.

Unravel Me Book Review

The love that she thought was safe – and that in many ways saved her – is almost or equally as perilous as the other physical connections she’s had.

Of course physicality does not define an entire relationship, but especially in Juliette’s case, it’s linked tightly with her emotional stability.

Her wand extends beyond the reach of her conscious control; her power is still outside of herself sometimes. Even when she comes to capricious agreements with herself, and Adam, about how to make their relationship work despite the seemingly insurmountable challenge of the combination of their powers, their bodies’ desires do not cooperate. It’s tearing them apart while they desperately try to hold themselves together.

Throughout Unravel Me, Juliette touches on these two creatures: Warner who is human versus one who is a monster. Whereas before it seemed that he fell staunchly on one side of the line, his evil heart bringing about destruction everywhere his power was felt, now this distinction is blurred. Who he truly is becomes increasingly confusing as Juliette spends time with him over the course of the story. I experienced something similar as I read, feeling sympathy for Warner while simultaneously wanting to lock him in an escape-proof box to keep him from wrecking my OTP (Adam’s tortured existence in this book slays me ;__;).

His father coming to link his and Juliette’s (and Adam’s, ohhhhhhh god! I honestly didn’t see that twist coming.) stories together was another development that captured and held my attention. Such a sadistic character brings others’ shortcomings into a different perspective; if anyone truly has evil in his heart, it is Anderson (speaking of names, I can’t take Warner’s first one seriously – am I the only one?!). My mind keeps going in a million different directions when I think of not only how his relationship with Juliette will progress, but how he and Adam will throw down interact as the series reaches its conclusion.

Like I touched on in my Destroy Me book review, this added complexity of Warner’s character made me like his story and the way it fits into the greater plot much more. He’s interesting in new and intriguing ways, and the lack of surety surrounding his morality brings an element of reality into this dystopian world. The above quote is my favourite quote of the book; it is something that every human being can relate to, and was a thought that I found particularly accessible as a reader.

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Using Travertine Tiling to Create a Naturally Rustic Décor

Ideas for decorating your interior

As an increasing amount of homeowners looking to create a traditional, rustic décor in their home, the need for similarly styled flooring is becoming essential. After all, although the flooring may seem like an everyday necessity around the home, it also plays a pivotal role in the style created once renovations are completed.

Whether we like it or not, investing in high-quality flooring is crucial. Not only does it need to be stylish and in line with the décor of the rest of the location it is installed in, it also needs to be durable and resilient to the inevitable daily wear and tear.

A Touch of Tradition

A traditionally styled home creates a truly luxurious and classic appearance, whilst also projecting touches of class. With the right combination of fittings, colours, and flooring, we can quickly create an unforgettable space that is both stylish and comfortable. For this reason, travertine tiling provides the perfect solution for both flooring and a durable wall surface.

The elegant and completely unique rustic surface and natural design creates a luxurious feeling in every size décor, with obvious touches of Roman tradition due to travertine enthralling history and use in some of the finest historical palaces.

Strength & Durability

It’s not only the elegant appearance that makes travertine such a popular option in a variety of area around the home, it’s impeccable strength and durability make it a wise choice for areas that receive the most foot traffic. Bathrooms and kitchens, in particular, are areas that benefit from the endurance that travertine offer.

Its natural properties ensure that travertine is incredibly resilient to the usual everyday wear and tear that occurs with heavy usage. It’s tough surface also makes cleaning and maintenance a pain-free process, allowing a simple sweep and mop routine to bring your travertine back to its original beauty.


Ranging greatly in shapes, styles, and finishes, travertine availability is certainly one of its strong points. Suitable for a range of decors, its flexibility in terms of finish and color variations make it a popular flooring and wall surface choice around the home. Whether you’re looking for a natural walnut finish, or perhaps luxurious silver flooring, travertine really does have something for every tiled flooring requirement.

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Beach Theme Home Interior Decoration Styles

Beautiful palettes make for some of the most inviting and fun beach themed home interior decoration styles. The most inviting colors for a beach themed style in the home include hues of green, blue, and sandy tones such as tans and beige. Beach themed home décor is simple, chic and easy to create. If you are fortunate enough to live close to the beach, you can even create some beach styles on a budget just by taking a stroll along the sand and using the treasures that you find along the way in some of your home interior decoration items.

Seashells and Sand

Beach themed interior decoration can easily be created with the use of store bought seashells and sand or with similar items that you find on your own local beach. Consider making table centerpieces using flat candle holders that have sand on top with seashells sitting in the sand. Seashells can also be used to create picture frames, to hang on the walls around a mirror or doorway or to sit along plant shelves.

For a bathroom, consider creating a wall hanging that uses an old fisherman’s net or a store purchased net that hangs across the wall. You can then add seashells, starfish, and other sea themed items to the net to create a unique wall hanging that will add appeal to the bathroom.


For the colors of a beach themed home interior decoration style, consider sea foam green, light blue, aqua, and similar colors. Light, earthy tones can easily be contrasted with bright colors such as corals, pinks, oranges or dark blues. A seaside theme will often include the use of varied tones of blue offset by a bright color such as a coral tone. Instead of painting the ways with such a bold tone, consider using throw pillows or textured fabrics that include these hues.


Beach themed home interior decoration should include the use of soft, flowing textures throughout the room or the home. Curtains made of twill or a similar light fabric will add a light and airy texture. Consider other similar soft, subtle textured fabrics for the furniture in the room. Many beach themes also incorporate the use of rattan or wicker into the design. Even a simple side table or sofa table made from rattan can really add a sense of the beach to the room.


Beach themed home decoration is contingent on having an open, airy and lighted feel. Every beach cottage or beach home includes a great openness that allows the natural sunlight to shine in. If the room or home that you are creating the beach look in doesn’t include natural sunlight consider making some lighting changes to ensure that there is a feel of nature indoors. Warm, soft lighting that is bright can make a room feel more open and fun while subtle lighting on plant shelves, bookcases and in other areas can also add appeal to special items, books or similar elements of the room that should be recognized.


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Ordering Your Custom Shoe Portrait

I prefer to have the actual shoes in order to compose the painting and achieve a higher level of detail and color matching. Any shoes mailed to me will be carefully handled and returned with the finished painting. If you send a picture instead, the finished painting will look like your photo – so pay careful attention to details when you are composing the shot and realize that I may ask you to retake the picture if it is out of focus, underexposed (too dark), or overexposed (too bright and washed out).

Step 1: E-mail me with “Custom Shoe Portrait” as the subjectProvide general details of the shoe portrait you want painted and let me know of any specialized requests (background color preference, multiple pairs on a single canvas, etc.) If you will be mailing me the shoes, I will send you my shipping address in my reply e-mail. If you are e-mailing a picture, attach it to this e-mail in jpeg format.

Step 2:  Send me a non-refundable deposit (50%) with your shoes. I accept payment by PayPal, money orders, and personal checks – let me know which you prefer. When I receive your shoes and payment I will notify you by  e-mail and begin painting your custom shoe portrait. Upon completion (about 2-4 weeks), I will e-mail you a picture of the finished portrait and you will have 10 days to pay the remaining 50%. When your final payment has cleared, I will ship your painting (and shoes) and contact you with package tracking information. When it arrives, please contact me with your reaction to the painting.

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